IMob Media – Enterprise Ireland – referenced in Stephen Brewer interview in the Irish Examiner

“Obviously the UK is a great market because it’s English speaking and just across the pond so I can help them go there,” Brewer says.

One of those relevant companies was iMob Media, the location-based digital marketing startup he joined as chairman.

Having announced a significant partnership with Three in the Irish Examiner at the beginning of the week, it’s been a productive visit to Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress for iMob and the future looks bright.

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John Mac Namara, Enterprise Ireland, Head of Software Div, interview with Irish Examiner Business

“There was an event held in Dublin Castle recently, which was basically a celebration of the class of 2015,” said Mr McNamara.

“We’re talking about more than 200 start-ups supported by Enterprise Ireland last year.

“The future is looking very rosy indeed. High-potential start-ups are very well-represented in Barcelona; there’s a very strong pipeline [of companies].”

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Largest Mobile & IoT Tech event in Europe – Mobile World Congress 2016, Client Coverage Media Coverage – Joe Cunningham, Ammeon

Joe Cunningham, Chairman Ammeon – MESSAGING PIONEER & ENTREPRENEUR

“When I talk to Cunningham for the first time, it’s as if I almost know him personally, having written about each and every one of the companies he’s been involved in over the past 20 years. I almost kick myself when the first question I ask him is why every company begins with an A. His answer is worth it: “To be at the top of phone books and trade mags.”

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TGI – Mobile Monday event, Joe Cunningham interview with Irish Examiner.

“A billion connections are now on 4G. We all think of 4G as cutting edge and maybe we’ll get it some day [but] a billion people are going to have those connections and that mobile bandwidth is going up and up and up.”

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Telecoms Companies Revenue Challenge – Joe Cunningham interview

“The revolution that we see happening next is that telco carriers themselves are really being stripped of services by a new set of upstarts.”

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Stephen Brewer, IMob Media pre-MWC16 Profile articles in Silicon Republic

At Eircell, then a Telecom Eireann (now Eir) subsidiary, he grew the network from 100,000 mostly analogue 088 users to more than 1m digital users on GSM before the company was sold to Vodafone in late 2000.

A little-known fact about Brewer is that before he brought Ireland into the mobile revolution in the late 1990s, he played a definitive role in bringing Europe into the personal computing revolution in the 1980s.

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Xintec and Rob Duran CEO Profile in Silicon Republic by John Kennedy SR editor

IRSF occurs when fraudsters use stolen SIMs or SIMs obtained using false identities to take advantage of international premium rate numbers and rack up millions of euros of cross-border calls that operators are obliged to pay termination fees for.

In 2015, the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) commissioned a report that found an increase of 497pc in IRSF, which cost more than €10.7bn last year alone.

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Silicon Republic – Asavie coverage

Asavie is a developer and provider of cloud-delivered connectivity services, helping internet of things (IoT) companies to get products rapidly to market.

With clients including AT&T, Telefonica and Vodafone, Asavie is currently going through a rapid growth phase – something Mullane says should prove exciting for interested candidates – and it recently announced 106 new jobs, doubling its workforce.

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Media Coverage for Treemetrics – “The Google of World Forestry”

Treemetrics story in “Discovery News Channel”
3-D Laser Scans Forest for ‘Treemetrics’

Treemetrics in “RT News”
(Treemetrics are a global Irish business applying their 3D laser scanning technology, machine monitoring and digital measurement of trees, from Ireland & UK to Russia Australia, Scandinavia and across American continent)

“The Irish company is currently working with 26 state foresting agencies around the world, including in Russia, Australia, and South America”

Garret Mullooly, Co-founder Treemetrics in RTE Digital interview

Irish Independent –

Irish Examiner –

Silicon Republic –

ESA Space Images of Treemetrics forest

Mobile Payments Technology

Dublin’s 3V Buyout Announcement by Safe Charge

Irish Times – SafeCharge acquires Irish tech firm 3V for €14.5m

RTE Coverage – of 3V – SafeCharge announcement
it card company 3V acquired for €14.5m

Irish card payment firm 3V has been acquired by Britain’s SafeCharge for €14.5m.

Media coverage for 3V – SafeCharge deal in Irish Independent

Coverage in Silicon Republic

Mobile Monday grassroots Tech network Events

Mobile Monday (Mobile Ecosystem Challenges) Dublin Event with RTE DIGITAL

Mobile Monday Cork Event launch with RTE Digital

Barry O’Brien, Silicon Valley Bank, RTE Digital interview

MWC16 – Europe’s largest Mobile Technology Showcase Event Client Coverage

Mobile World Congress 2016 Client Coverage for Irish tech companies

Irish Examiner (Business pg) coverage – Peter O’Dwyer, senior Business reporter.

Anam Technology and Xintec featured; (Print & Online editions, & Anam pic)

26 Enterprise Companies at MWC16 by John Kennedy, SR editor.

Xintec and Rob Duran CEO Profile in Silicon Republic by John Kennedy SR editor

Stephen Brewer, IMob Media pre-MWC16 Profile articles in Silicon Republic;

Monday, 21st February, 2016 –
Mobile World Congress Coverage

Examiner – IMob Media announce Three deal

Irish Times – Enterprise Ireland client company Druid Software Panasonic Avionics deal

Silicon Republic – Asavie coverage

Tuesday 22 February, 2016
Day 2 – Mobile World Congress Media Coverage

Aspire Technology and Geo-Pal coverage in the Irish Examiner

Asavie Coverage in Silicon Republic;
Eir platfrom powered by Asavie (set up interview for Asavie with John Kennedy)

MWC launch Passbridge underpins industrial IoT mention)

Irish Independent Asavie Coverage (set up interview with Adrian Weckler)

The Journal coverage

Enterprise Ireland client company, iMob Media, Stephen Brewer, Chairman in thejournal

Asavie in Silicon Republic – pre-event press release shared with John Kennedy

Anam Telenor deal – Silicon Republic–1129681

Mobile World Congress Press Coverage

John Mac Namara, Enterprise Ireland, Head of Software Div, interview with Irish Examiner Business

‘Bright Future for Indigenous Tech Industry’

Druid 3G Breakthrough story – Irish Examiner

Day 4 Mobile World Congress Coverage

Irish Times – Ciara O’Brien references Asavie powering Eir’s platform

“Internet of Things is Centre Stage at Mobile World Congress”

Irish Examiner – Peter O’Dwyer – “Xintec Clinches Major Contract” ref Rob Durran, GM Xintec

‘XINTEC partner agreement with EDCH capped a very positive week for Enterprise Ireland at Mobile World Congress

IMob Media – Enterprise Ireland – referenced in Stephen Brewer interview in the Irish Examiner

“Brewer eyes return to Irish Market”

Edgetier to focus on Uk market – Irish Times, Ciara MWC interview

Aviation Sector Coverage


Irish Times –

Irish Independent –

Irish Examiner –

Aviation – Irish Times, Druid Software helps 3G Roaming Take Flight (with Panasonic Aero Mobile & Air Berlin)