Proactive Media Communications in Challenging times

Media Mentor is a target driven Media Communications consultancy. We are dedicated to helping enterprises unearth their true PR potential and communicate the core attributes which set them apart from competitors. We work with ambitious entrepreneurs and dynamic management teams across the Animation, Healthcare, Research/Innovation, Technology and Aviation sectors.

Our new online messaging communications workshops are designed to pin point key value points for compelling business story development and PR/Content Messaging strategy. The result is a clearly defined marketing communications roadmap and a shared vision for future organisational growth.

Our goal is to mentor and champion the unique people who build great businesses, building on their innovative strengths. Our focus is on clarity and creativity of messaging, writing engaging news content thats carried across broadsheet Press and digital/social media platforms.

Services include:

Content Messaging and Media Communications (online) workshops, Product /Sales Content Marketing, Advice and Consultancy Support in PR & Communications, Team Training for effective Internal Communications and external Media Training.

We are also media event specialists (including online events) with over 20 years experience in organising major events for SME’s, Universities, and trade organisations. Examples include, PR/Media Relations for Business Expansion – Jobs Announcements, (Anam) , Media Relation’s support at GSMA Mobile World Congress Barcelona for 20 Enterprise Ireland client companies and Business / Aviation Media Press launches for @Atlanticflight training Academy and their airline partners.

In these challenging times, its all about being passionate and vocal about your business attributes, sharing your success stories through proactive Media Relations and beingĀ  creative on Social Media.